Final Presentations

While most lectures are in general operating ‘on campus’, this course is online and we plan on having the final project presentations once again done as pre-recorded presentations. As we likely cannot meet in person for the usual short lightning talk presentations of around 5 or 6 minutes, each project should result in (and record) a video. We recommend you use Zoom which you are all familiar with and select ‘record’ during your presentations.

The goals of the presentation are to a) highlight and summarise the work and b) (if it is a group project) possibly give everybody on the team a chance to speak and present. And though that part is not mandatory, we recommend involving everybody for the presentation too. You can (and likely should) use a few slides in screensharing mode. If you use slides in your presentation you must write them in RMarkdown or Quarto commit the source file (as well as the final result in html or pdf) to your repository. As discussed in the lectures, Rmarkdown and Quarto can be used for presentations slides and much more.

You should upload a Zoom meeting recording.

Please commit the shareable link to your project repo file. We have found that Zoom recording tend to be of high quality and large filesize. GitHub limits uploads to 100mb files so we can likely not upload files there. Instead, please create a permanent copy of your recording on (where the course slides and videos are stored). You must use U of I Single-Sign On. Important: Box is finicky about shared links. You may need to make two settings changes.

Test among your team members that both links are accessible. If you want to be even more thorough, please considering sharing your link with non-team members as well. Remember that as graders, we cannot grade presentations we cannot access!

Finally, the project deliverable should also contain a (short) write-up. For its style, consider this to be similar to a (brief) academic paper so please use proper style, references, and other components. The paper should be committed to your repository too.

You can use either pdf (often requiring latex) or html formats for presentations slides and paper, but you must write both in RMarkdown. Please commit source and final product. Do not use Word, Keynote, Powerpoint, …