6 - Graphics, Guest Lecture


  • Introduction to data visualization with R
  • Learn about base plots; grid and lattice; ggplot2
  • Explore and visualize data
  • Learn about dashboards with Shiny
  • Guest Lecture


  • Data Visualization with base R
    • base graphics
    • lattice graphics
  • Data Visualization with ggplot2
    • ggplot2 basics
    • extension
  • Shiny
    • General shiny overview
    • flexdashboard
    • dygraphs
  • Data Science Programming Methods Guest Lecture by Dr Grant McDermott

Core Material

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Additional Resources

Guest Lecture Resources

Dr McDermott will demontrate the large data capabilities of polars / r-polars and duckdb using the well-known NYC Taxi data set. We recommends using either shell commands (using the AWS command-line tools)

mkdir -p nyc-taxi/year=2012
aws s3 cp s3://voltrondata-labs-datasets/nyc-taxi/year=2012 nyc-taxi/year=2012 \
    --recursive --no-sign-request

or from R (using an appropriate Arrow build)

  library(arrow) # install.packages('arrow', repos = c('https://apache.r-universe.dev')
data_path <- "nyc-taxi/year=2012" # Or set your own preferred path
open_dataset("s3://voltrondata-labs-datasets/nyc-taxi/year=2012") |>
    write_dataset(data_path, partitioning = "month")

The files are available on the shared morrow server below /opt/data/nyctaxi/year=2012 and take up 8.4gb compressed.