2 - Shell, Markdown


  • Introduction to the Shell
  • Shell Programming
  • Introduction to Markdown


  • Shell is central:
    • Common interface to all computing machinery
    • Folders, paths (absolute and relative), wildcards, globbing
    • Permissions for files and directories
    • Job control: piping, sequences, one output is another input
  • Shell commands
  • Regular Expressions (and grep)
  • Shell programming
  • awk and sed
  • Intro to diff and patch
  • Markdown is a very powerful and popular “mark-up” language for text
    • We will learn about markup, separating content from style, and see examples
    • Key idea here: Markup is independent of rendered output
    • Excellent topic once again for self-study and experimentation
    • pandoc used as universal converter to/from
  • RMarkdown convenience wrapper around pandoc calls
    • e.g. to Javascript/HTML for (dynamic / web) presentations
    • e.g. to pdf for printable writeups, presentations, books, …
  • A first look at the newer Quarto extensions to Markdown

Core Material

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The core videos which complement the slides are the (captioned) versions of the 2021 course. As the captions may obstruct some of the displayed code, we also show the uncaptioned original versions. We complement these core content videos with current ‘by the week’ videos.


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